"Here at KESSKO's our expertise is in evidence from the very outset, beginning with a stringent selection of raw materials from all over the world. These then form the basis of a product range designed for multi-layered areas of use: fine pastries, confectionery  specialities, sweets, ice-creams, desserts ...
    The high quality standard of KESSKO's tried-and-tested products is also the result of intensive research and development, not to mention the modern, yet sympathetic, manufacturing methods. Only such care and consideration in the processing makes possible
this diversity of products, all to the highest standards.
    Due to its global commitment and the flexible service of the Bonn-based company, KESSKO products are already in use in more than 40 countries throughout the world."



    In 1704, the Armenian Georgius Deodatus Damascenus founded the first Czech coffee lounge named U Zlatého hada (The Golden Snake) in Prague. Three hundred years later, in 2003, the Armenian Gevorg Avetisyan and his sister established the Czech company MIKO International s.r.o., which manufactures 'Marlenka' honey cakes according to an old Armenian family recipe.
    Marlenka cakes are free of any chemical ingredients and preservation substances and are therefore the only cakes in the Czech Republic to be assigned the title 'Natural product'.
    Marlenka has become a traditional sweet delicacy in every Czech family. This cake is called the 'Honey Miracle' in Armenia. Now you too can enjoy its unique taste!


Shamrock Food Ltd.

    Shamrock is one of Ireland's longest established brands and continues to hold a special place in the hearts and minds of Irish consumers. Since its inception in the 1950s, the Shamrock brand has been synonymous with home baking in Ireland and has for many years been the brand leader. The brand offers a premium range of ingredients including dried fruit, nuts and seeds that are ideal for your home baking, snacking or culinary needs.



    Gilan Trading Ltd. has been dealing with the import, the processing and the sales of oily seeds and dried fruits since the early 90s.A wide range of products has been given the brand name Kalifa. The well known and popular Kalifa products have gained an influential position on the market. As a result of the continuously successful businesses Gilan Trade Ltd. built a modern processing plant and repository.
    Owing to the increasing market demands the company has carried out further developments in the size of its office site and the singeing plants, the repository has been greatly improved, the number of different vehicles has increased and numerous new machines built on high technology have been employed.
    The aim of the investment is to meet all the trading expectations and the increasing needs of the market.
Due to the growing popularity of healthy lifestyle the need for oily seeds and dried fruits has been massively increasing. Kalifa products form an essential part of a healthy diet since they are high in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, polyunsaturated fatty acid and fibres.
    The mission of the company is to popularise healthy diet and to make Hungarian cuisine more special by introducing Mediterranean ingredients.
    As an expert in Mediterranean products, it buys its products grown in the best soil, directly from the growers in order to ensure quality and reasonable price. The high quality raw material is then processed by the means of high-technology equipment, strictly within the frame of the HACCP and IFS quality assurance systems.


    "Our story began with paprika, sweet and hot paprika which so many families grow and has been growing for ages around our city, Szeged. Sweet paprika powder, the elementary and dominant spice of Hungarian cuisine, that we use very often and in a big amount in our dishes. Its deep red colour determines the look of our salamis, sausages and goulash as well. Therefore we are mainly focusing on this product and we have very good and reliable relationship with farmers home and abroad.
    We launched our spice trading activity in 2006 and we introduced a wide product range in spices, spice blends, herbs and dried vegetables in our market.
    Our company's first concern is quality and variety. We cater to restaurants and supply to distributors, meat and food industry. We guarantee that our spices do not contain genetically modified organism (GMO) and our products are fully controlled by a follow-up quality insurance system in whole way from the original fields until the customer's warehouse. Our selection ranges from salt and pepper to rare and exotic varieties from all around the world.
    Our packing saves maximum aroma and freshness. In addition, we don't require minimum order levels, giving customers more freedom and value."


9mm Energy Drink

    "Our strategical targets is launching completely the product to the Europeen market, building-up the brand, reaching 4% home market participation among efficient operation.
    The 9MM was successfull during its first indtroduction in Hungary. The economical crisis appeared in the country so the product was established in almost the hardest period. Difficulties were enhanced by the huge amount of inland concurrency’s active participate in the domestic energy drink market.
    The listing procedure, forming of the commercial organisation and negotiations about working up the external market were in line with each other.
    We tried to take part in several events, to organise promotions and tasters beside efficiently exploiting available means.
    In spite of the hardness our product is presented among 75-80 percent of the domestic traditional wholesalers during the February-July 2010 period. By the help of direct marketing we reached more than 1000 independent storage closet. We won the following multinational partners (Auchan, Cora, Match) and other listing (Tesco, Metro) is expected thanks to promising talks. With these steps we established to realise our 2010 return plan.
    The 9MM Energy Kft. is looking for foreign partners who is building up the distribution onsite with keeping the facade of the product. We have had exclusive distributors in the following areas:
Bosnia Hercegovina, Slovakia. In this countries the export has already started, they are looking for partners and working up the product’s marketing. Present negotiations about the exclusive distributor relationship with these countries: Italy, Spain, Dubai, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Ireland, Romania, Poland. To some of them the export was started but the contracting about the executive distribution has not been finished yet."


Golden Nectar

    "If the topic of honey comes up, Golden Nectar is a well-known and respected name. Hungary is the largest honey exporter in the EU, and Golden Nectar buys 35-40% of all Hungarian honey. This is a Hungarian owned company, its owner comes from a multi-generation beekeeper family. Golden Nectar is one of the industry leaders in Europe considering productivity, technological advancement and professional level. The quality of our work is well represented by the fact that we export 90% of our honey to Western Europe’s and Japan’s markets and meet their high expectations and standards.  We are the only Hungarian company which is able to sell honey in consumer packaging on the EU’s markets."


Eccofood Kft.

    Eccofood Kft. has been established in 1999. The main activity of the company is to produce high quality of Spelt products. Spelt Flour is the reincarnation of the original food.


Zieler & Co.

    "ZIELER & CO. began as a family business in 1907, and has since developed into an international company, with an excellent reputation for the import, export and wholesale of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, cereal products and nut spreads. All of our more than 130 products meet highest requirements in size, colour,taste and quality. ZIELER & CO. also offers a range of items from certified organic sources."


Hamburg Gewürz-Mühle

    "With a range of more than 500 products, we are your competent partner in the food industry. 
    Our many years of experience make us a dynamic, market-oriented company. In addition to our competence in the areas of direct import of raw goods from the countries of origin, wholesale and export, we are experts in grinding, purifying and mixing spices.
    Our HGM cold-grinding enable us to preserve the aroma of the spices using CO2. The grinding process will be cooled with -78°C temperated CO2 and therefore we achieve a minimisation of losses in essential oil contents and get a high aromatical level in the final product.
    Our warehouse capacity of a total of some 1,000 tons of spices in 2 warehouses guarantees prompt preparation and delivery of goods.
    At our mixing plants we produce all kinds of mixtures at reasonable cost according to both proprietary and protected customer recipes.”


Schapfen Mühle GmbH.

    `Cereals are our life – Grain is our passion.` SchapfenMühle is Ulm`s oldest producing company. During the coarse of time it has developed into an enterprise with worldwide operations. Continuous investment in new technologies and products guarantees best quality.